Sukma: Jurnal Pendidikan

SUKMA: Jurnal Pendidikan is an academic journal bi-annually published in Indonesia. It covers issues related to education in general: teacher, student, school management, curricula, teaching methods, teaching evaluations, education best practices, learning materials, et cetera.

In publishing articles, Sukma: Jurnal Pendidikan implements a double-blind review process involving scholars from the entire world.

Sukma: Jurnal Pendidikan has been accredited as SINTA 4

Sukma: Jurnal Pendidikan has been published since January 2017, with ISSN: 2548-5105 (p), 2597-9590 (e) and DOI:

Yayasan Sukma
Jln. Pilar Mas Raya Kavling A-D, Kedoya Kebun Jeruk
Jakarta 11520 - Indonesia
Telp. +62 21 583 00077 Fax. +62 21 581 8175


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